Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watch out boys, Ryan is ready for Over The Hump!!!

My 8 year old daughter Ryan has decided that she is ready for the Over The Hump Race series this season, at least the kids races anyway, so I told her that if she wanted to do it she had to prove it by doing what ever ride I put in front of her. There were two rules, #1 she had to ride without any complaining #2 she had to ride all of the downhills with no walking. She did both with flying colors. Here's the ride, it's not that tough for an adult but for an 8 year old it is brutal. We started with the Cowardly Men of Dirt at Ridge Park and took off on Bommer, saw krunner44 and said hi at the trail head. We were dropped almost immediately, but that was ok because I had both kids with me. Jake really wanted to ride the trails that the cowardly men took. Unfortunately their course was too hard for Ryan. We took Bommer to Emerald Ridge and rode out to the top of Old Emerald Trail. Then we dropped Old Emerald Trail. This isn't a very hard downhill, unless you are 8 and afraid of going downhill. Jake ate the trail up, loving every second of it. Ryan did it more timidly but she did it pretty well all the way to the bottom. From here we climbed back up to Bommer and took a break. While we were taking a break ajsura flew by at warp speed, from what I tell AJ has two speeds-fast and really fast. When she went by Ryan told me "She's fast, I'm going to be that fast." All I could say was "Yep." As we continued on Bommer towards Ridge Park ajsura past us on her way back and said, "you go sister!" to Ryan. This was great and I have to thank AJ because Ryan was really starting to struggle, but after her encouragement(made at light speed) Ryan put on the after burners and rode really hard for about ten minutes. A little farther along we ran into Dirtvert and the guys we started with and their new addition of Greengiant on their second lap, I stopped, conversed, said bye and then caught up with the kids for the last hill. It was a great ride, we got to meet some STR people that I have not meet before. Ryan got a chance to see some of the awesome women riders that are part of STR. Ryan is ready for her first race and her only goal is to beat the two boys in her class at school who also race at Over The Hump.

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