Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Over the Hump

Yesterday the kids were entered in the first Over the Hump mountain bike race of the season. This is a local race series Held at Irvine Lake in the summer. There were more than 500 racers there from kids to experts/pros. Jacob, my son rode in the kids 9-11 division and ended up taking 10th out of 28. This was his second race ever and he did really well. Ryan, my daughter, rode in the 6-8 class and it was her first race ever. She came in 11th out of 22, but she had a small crash. Unfortunately, in the chaos of getting two kids ready to leave with all of their I forgot to bring my camera so I have no pictures of the race. Jake was not to upset with his finish, but he would like to do better. Ryan was not as happy about her 11th and was ready to do a training ride this afternoon. Ryan and I hit Aliso after she got off school and I got off work. We started at Canyon Vistas and road the fire road down to Coyote Run with Ryan pushing hard the whole time. This was her second time on Coyote Run and everything she was scared of or had a problem with the first time she was able to clean this time. From there we went over to Dripping Caves. Here is a picture on the way up.
She had to walk some of the trail up but did a pretty good job getting to the top. Ryan was not as confident on the downhill and took it pretty slow, here she is on the way down.
After Dripping Caves we rode the fire road back to the truck at her full speed. I don't think Ryan is going to settle for 11th again!

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