Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jake gets hooked up, big time!!!!

Sunday night we were at our local bike shop for a bike maintenance clinic and Jake was talking to the shops manager about some of the parts that are getting worn on his ride. The manager went in the back and brought out a Sram X-7 rear derailleur that had been used once, I was getting ready to say "Thanks, but we can't afford it right now." when he gave it to him then told Jake, " Come back Wednesday after school and I will have the rest for you." So today we rode down there and the local shops manager came out with a Sram GXP crankset with bottom bracket, Sram X-7 shifters, and a Sram X-7 front derailleur. All we need is to get a 10 speed cassette and chain, like I said Jake got hooked up and plans to put those ten gears to use this summer at the Over The Hump races and just ripping on our local trails!

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