Friday, May 11, 2012

Good Things Are A Happenin'

This has started out to be a good month. I can say this for two reasons. Number one I won a drawing on the website The second reason is that Jake got hooked up with some parts for his bike. The third reason is that I picked up a second job at Two Wheels One Planet bike shop here in Costa Mesa. Reason Number One
This one was exciting to me because I never win drawings, raffles, or contests of luck. If winning involves skill such as sports I usually have a good chance of winning but I never win when it requires luck, until now! So what did I win? It was the grand prize in's Sea Otter give away. The prize pack included a new 661 dirt lid autographed by several pro riders including Aaron Gwin, a $25 gift certificate to Jenson USA (got the Marzocchi jersey with it), two packs of Pro Energy wipes (not sure what these do but the wife will try one out and tell me if it works)and a sticker pack. Reason Number Two
Jake got hooked up!!! See me previous post for more information, but lets just say that when we get him a 10 speed cassette and chain he will be fast, really fast! Reason Number Three
For the last three years I have been limited to 32 hours a week at work on top of a 10% paycut. We have been working really hard to keep up with bills but when you make less and owe the same it is hard, this is why I have been looking for some part time work for a while. I really didn't want to just get a second job to have a second job, I wanted to get something that I would also enjoy. This happened this week. I am now working weekends at Two Wheels One Planet bike shop here in Costa Mesa. This is where I get most of my parts and when I can't figure out whats wrong with the bike I take it to them. I am working at the service counter and really hope to learn as much as I can about bikes. I love to ride and I love to wrench on my bike so this is perfect for me to make some extra money. This means it will be harder to ride but I will try to slip in my rides after work a couple days a week. See you on the trails!!!

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