Friday, September 9, 2011

New Old Bike

Today after work my buddy Rich brought over his 1996 Giant ATX so that we could get it ridable. We spent a couple hours on it which resulted in a rebuilt fork, mounted derailleurs, mounted fork, mounted stem and handle bars, and of course wheels and tires. He is supposed to finish it up tomorrow so that we can ride Sunday. Pictures will be coming on Sunday, I hope.  The bike is bright yellow with an anodized purple rear triangle and accents.  It really is a sweet looking bike, I love the old paint jobs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I got an X-9 rear derailleur from Fullerton Bikes (great shop!!!) and put it on my Marauder this week.  So far it shifting smooth and crisp after very minor adjustments.  I was fine with the X-7 that it came with until it started getting stuck, and rather than try to get it warrantied I just replaced it with some thing better.  So far I am happy with it, but will give it a more in depth review after it has seen some time in the dirt.