Monday, January 30, 2012 "RAD" Racing Jersey

This is my new "RAD" Racing Jersey from  These jerseys were made as a special edition.  They area replica of the jersey worn by the character "Cru Jones" in the movie RAD.  The jersey is  long sleeve and designed to be cool even when it is warm out.  I used it on Sunday in Chino Hills State Park, the temperature was about 75 to 80 degrees but I was nice and cool the entire time.   At 6'0" and 210lbs a size XL fits me perfect and even has room for pads underneath. 

Besides the fact that this jersey is awesome, it comes with an added bonus, it will make you ride faster, jump higher, and turn harder...well maybe it won't, but you will look bad ass while you try.

You can see me wearing it on and while you are there check out all of their other jerseys and hoodies: 

 RL keeping warm!
 The Flag.
 Team Jersey

These two say "I want to be formal, but I'm here to party."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jacob Morgan-Local Rider Spotlight

Jake and I ride together quite a bit, this is mostly because he can't get to the trails wth out me.  Jake is my son and is also one of my favorite riding buddies, so he gets the first local spotlight done about him!

Name:  Jacob Morgan
Age:  11
Occupation:  Student
Location:  Costa Mesa
Bike/Bikes:  Giant Boulder
Favorite Trail:  Rock-it, Aliso Woods
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite type of riding:  Downhill
Favorite Beer (or favorite Kool Aid if you are not of legal age):  Cherry
Your best accomplishment on your bike:  17 out of 27 in my first race
The last time you crashed:  Riding Aliso, I went OTB
Baggies or spandex:  Other (we at surfcycles don’t know what this means, but I can assure you he does not ride naked.)
Favorite Quote:  You have to pay to play!!!!
Where would you like to ride that you haven't yet:  Whistler
Pizza or Burgers:  Burgers
Favorite Rider:  Aaron Gwin (he was supposed to say my dad, but I don’t have a world cup title so I guess he is forgiven)
Anything inspirational you would like to say:  What’s inspirational mean?
 Jake with Mike from Fullerton Bikes at Over The Hump
 Getting ready to race!
 BMX track
 Break time
 I love my little sister
 El Moro

 First time up Cholla in Alsio
 Getting ready for Rock-it

A New Feature On Surfcycles

One of the things that I really like to do is ride with new people.  Don't get me wrong, I love riding with my buddies and with the local groups, but I find it fun to get out with someone I don't know and ride some trails.  So far this has worked really well because everyone I have meet have been really cool people.  So why don't we get to know each other here in Southern California.  I am calling this new feature the LOCAL RIDER SPOTLIGHT.  Periodically I will feature a profile of someone in the area who I have ridden with, I will ask them a series of questions and hopefully get some pictures or video to go along with it.  These will be profiles of regular guys and gals who like to ride, to be featured you don't need to be pro, you don't need to race, it doesn't matter if you have ridden for 20 years or two months l you have to do is have fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, What's up for 2012

What did 2011 bring?  What was I able to accomplish this past year?

1.  I got back on a bike and out into the dirt.
2.  I got my two oldest kids out there with me.
3.  Work got busy again, finally made some cash. (2009-2010 were really bad in Land Surveying)
4.  I had straight A's for two semesters in a row.  (Yes I am 33 and still take classes)
5.  Paid off a ton of credit card debt.
6.  I put together the first Backpacking trip for Troop 106 in six years.

What didn't I do or accomplish, that I would have liked to?

1.  I didn't win the lotto, but then again I also didn't play.
2.  I have not surfed since June.
3.  I did not build another longboard.
4.  I did not take my LSIT test.
5.  I did not play hockey once this year.

What do I expect out of 2012.  I will start with the things that I am sure about.

1.  I will be 34 in July. (my son told me that 35 is officially old, so I have one more year.)
2.  My truck will be paid off by the end of the year.
3.  I will start racing,  I am going to start with Super D, I will not make it to every race but will try to ride in as many as I can.

The things I will really work hard towards,

1.  Get my son to finish his homework in under 8 hours.
2.  I want a downhill bike, money will go in the seceret fund until I have enough.
3.  Get in better shape.  By the end of 2012 I would like to be able to ride any trail with anyone and not feel like I am slowing them down.
4.  Cut back on the soda, probably won't happen, but I will try, I don't drink coffee and need caffeine.
5.  Get the Boy Scout troop out on the trails hiking and biking.

I am looking forward to a great 2012 and every thing that will happen.  I would like to believe that business will continue to grow or at least stay where it is and not slip backwards.  I look forward to watching my kids grow in the coming year, Ryan gets her new bike in two weeks so watch out she likes to ride fast.  Jake will continue to develop his skills and by the end of the year will conquer what he fears now and be able to ride anything.  Hopefully Conner breaks the shortest kid at school curse, but I don't think he cares or even notices that everyone is bigger than him, he still holds the record in 5 year old soccer for penalty minutes.  We will keep riding and getting stronger, but most importantly we are going o ave more fun in 2012 than we did in 2011.

I hope everyone has a great year!!!