Monday, January 30, 2012 "RAD" Racing Jersey

This is my new "RAD" Racing Jersey from  These jerseys were made as a special edition.  They area replica of the jersey worn by the character "Cru Jones" in the movie RAD.  The jersey is  long sleeve and designed to be cool even when it is warm out.  I used it on Sunday in Chino Hills State Park, the temperature was about 75 to 80 degrees but I was nice and cool the entire time.   At 6'0" and 210lbs a size XL fits me perfect and even has room for pads underneath. 

Besides the fact that this jersey is awesome, it comes with an added bonus, it will make you ride faster, jump higher, and turn harder...well maybe it won't, but you will look bad ass while you try.

You can see me wearing it on and while you are there check out all of their other jerseys and hoodies: 

 RL keeping warm!
 The Flag.
 Team Jersey

These two say "I want to be formal, but I'm here to party."

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  1. Any chance I can still purchase one of these, maybe even used?