Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jacob Morgan-Local Rider Spotlight

Jake and I ride together quite a bit, this is mostly because he can't get to the trails wth out me.  Jake is my son and is also one of my favorite riding buddies, so he gets the first local spotlight done about him!

Name:  Jacob Morgan
Age:  11
Occupation:  Student
Location:  Costa Mesa
Bike/Bikes:  Giant Boulder
Favorite Trail:  Rock-it, Aliso Woods
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite type of riding:  Downhill
Favorite Beer (or favorite Kool Aid if you are not of legal age):  Cherry
Your best accomplishment on your bike:  17 out of 27 in my first race
The last time you crashed:  Riding Aliso, I went OTB
Baggies or spandex:  Other (we at surfcycles don’t know what this means, but I can assure you he does not ride naked.)
Favorite Quote:  You have to pay to play!!!!
Where would you like to ride that you haven't yet:  Whistler
Pizza or Burgers:  Burgers
Favorite Rider:  Aaron Gwin (he was supposed to say my dad, but I don’t have a world cup title so I guess he is forgiven)
Anything inspirational you would like to say:  What’s inspirational mean?
 Jake with Mike from Fullerton Bikes at Over The Hump
 Getting ready to race!
 BMX track
 Break time
 I love my little sister
 El Moro

 First time up Cholla in Alsio
 Getting ready for Rock-it

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