Sunday, May 20, 2012 Rad jersey has multiple uses!!!

5 oaks ride....crash report! I met Dan Burdett at Canyon Vistas today at 6:00pm. As I was leaving work a guy came in and wanted his brakes bleed so I got stuck there and was running late. I pulled up and he was there with ready to go. I grabbed my lid and Camelbak, pulled the bike out and jumped on. We rode to the top of 5 Oaks stopped and checked out Dan Burdett's new SC Butcher (sweet ride) and then started down. On the way up I realized I had forgot my gloves in the truck, I could have gone back and should have but much like Ricky Bobby I wanted to go fast. I have been riding 5 Oaks a lot lately and felt I had it pretty wired, but apparently I was wrong! I made it about half way down and came into a sharp right hand turn that is smooth and easy on the outside, but steep and rocky on the inside. I decided that I would take the inside, and I took it right into the ground. I don't know how I crashed all I know is that my back wheel ended up on the down hill side and I was laying on my right side looking up the trail. I got up started to dust myself off and noticed a dime sized hole in my hand that was pouring blood. I pulled my Camel Bak off and started trying to dig through it one handed to stop the bleeding.... I found nothing(time to invest in some first aid supplies). Off came the jersey and it got pressed up against the hole, after about three minute I was able to slow the bleeding, not stop it but slow it. I wrapped the jersey tight put my lid and Camel Bak on and rode the rest of the way down. From here Mr. Burdett rode with me out to my truck to make sure I was alright. I held it together pretty well until after he took off to get another run in. As I got in my truck I got dizzy, nauseated, and felt like I might pass out. I got out of the truck and sat on the curb for about ten minutes until the dizziness went away. I debated going to the hospital all the way home, but decided that the actual cut was not that bad and that it was just the reaction when I got in the truck that freaked me out, that and the amount of blood I saw leave my hand up on the hill. This is the front side of my jersey, all of the dark spots are blood.
The back side
My Camel Bak, I leaked on it and in it
And the actual cut, it doesn't look like that much blood could be produced by this small of a cut.
Thanks to Dan Burdett for sticking with me and despite this little incident the thing I am most upset about is that I could not finish the ride! It was going to be a fun ride.


  1. Great write up! Glad to hear you survived to ride another day! I always ride with gloves, won't ride without them.

  2. I normally do also I just was in a hurry and left them in the truck. By the time I realized it I was far from the truck. If I had my gloves on then I probably would have benn able to continue.