Friday, February 10, 2012

We've Got Wheels

As I sat here listening to the .357 String Band and pondering the activities for this weekend, I realized that I am going to be busy.  Saturday morning I am leading the Boy Scouts on a map and compass course, Saturday night I will be taking Jake and Ryan to the Orange BMX track to do some riding with the guys, and Sunday I will be heading to Vail Lake to do some filming for my Airborne Flight Crew application with Shawn from  I was prepping myself to not stop moving until Sunday night when I heard a noise at the door, the dog stood up and gave a growl so I went to check it out.  What I saw was a guy in a FedEx uniform walking away from the door.  He turned and mumbled something over his shoulder and I mumbled something that was meant to be thanks and threw him a wave (I guess they don't knock when they deliver anymore, takes to much time).  I took the box in and found my brand new AreoMax wheelset inside.  I got these from crosslakesales on Ebay, who I have bought several items before, and they were less than $120 with shipping.  These wheels are not a real flashy set but they seem solid and are hand built, I am sure there are lighter better wheels out there but I am happy with this deal and I think they look pretty good too.  Thanks to RL Policar for the heads up on these!

Next up is brakes!  Stay tuned!

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