Sunday, February 5, 2012

Forking Sweet!!!!

The next step to my road bike has been taken care of.  I got my tax returns and took just a little cash to make some progress on the road ride.  I picked up these carbon forks by litespeed form Adrenaline Bikes in Orange for under $100.  If you are in need a a fork they have a few sets left.  They will only mount Caliper brakes, which is fine with me because I am treating this as a road build not really a Cyclocross build, and I have always found cantilevers to be a pain.
The next step is to mount up my wheel set when it gets here.  I ordered it and it should arrive soon, nothing special but it was a good deal for a hand built set (thanks to RL Policar of for sending me the info on this wheel set).  I will also need to get a stem soon, so that is probably the next step.

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