Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ryan Rides Aliso

So, Ryan had her 8th birthday in January and she got a new bike.  She has been riding on a huffy princess bike, but now she has her Giant Areva mountain bike.  She has had it since her brithday but we have not had the time to get her out on the trails, that is until today!  Armed with her new bike, a months worth of practice in shifting and braking, and a brand new kid sized pink Camel bak we took to the trails in Aliso Woods park.  This was her first trip to Aliso, so we took it easy.  The original plan was to ride from Canyon Vistas to Coyote Run and ride it to Mathis then ride back on the fire road to Cholla, up Cholla and down Lynx then back to Canyon Vistas.  However the small steep portions of Coyote Run were giving Ryan a hard time so we rode it once through then went back to the start on the fire road and rode Coyote Run again and she had no problems on most of it but she still chickened out on the last hill so we rode Coyote run back and decided to skip Cholla and Lynx this time. 

Jake was slightly up set because he was all set to do some downhill with his new full face helmet and felt his sisters skills were holding him back from  proving that his new helmet would make him as fast as Aaron Gwin!  He may not have been any faster but I noticed that he was definetly more confident on features that he had been nervous on before.

Right now Aliso requires more skill than Ryan has, but not for long!!!

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