Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ryans first ride in the dirt

This morning I decided to take Jake riding since I could not find anyone my own age to play with.  He decided that he was too tired to go have fun so he stayed home and I took my 7 year old daughter instead.  At 8:00am we arrived at the trail head to Bommer Ridge in Crystal Cove State Park.  The total length of the ride was about 4 miles.  We rode down Bommer Ridge to Moro Ridge, then up Missing Link to the top where the survey monument is and took a break.
Next we rode back down missing link to Moro Ridge and out to Upper Moro Ridge Campground where we had to take another break. 
On the way to the campground Ryan discovered that when you ride a bike with pedal brakes, you need to keep your feet on the pedals or you have no brakes.  She crashed on a small hill and we had to assess the damage to body and bike.  The handle bars had to be realigned and she got her first mountain biking battle wound, all with no crying!
After our little rest and recovery it was time to head back.  We rode Moro Ridge back to Bommer Ridge and took Bommer Ridge back to the trail head.  The whole ride was went well even though she was a little tentative after her crash.  It really helped that everyone we passed told her what a great job she was doing, the guys at the top of Missing Link could not believe that she had rode up that single track.  The best part of all is that she can't wait to do it again!!

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