Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jacob Rides Again!!!!

It has been a few month since Jake wanted to go ride trails, and I thought that he was over it.  However, this morning when asked if he wanted to ride he said yes, and was even ready to go when I was (for anyone who does not know him, he is the slowest moving 11 year old in the world).  We headed down to Crystal Cove and rode Bommer to Fenceline, for a little single track action,

 then down Missing Link and back on to Bommer,  over to Old Emerald Trail for a little gravity riding.  Jake wanted to walk it first to see if he would attempt the downhill, he got to the first steep section and decided that today would not be the start of his downhill career so we went back up to bommer and rode the ridge for a couple more miles.

Here we are taking a little break before heading back.  Look at all that sweat.

We rode Bommer back out to Missing Link, took a break at the top and then came back down Fenceline where we even got a little rock action in (very little)

Jake takes the easy way out n this one

Jacob also wanted to try his hand at cinematography so he filmed me going through a little rock garden

and someday I will get a real camera for some good video, but for now I use what I got.  When we got to Bommer we followed it back to the trail head and then loaded up the truck. 

This was a great little ride just for the fact that I got to ride with my son and he has decided that he likes riding again, can't wait for next weekend!!!!!

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