Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riding With Old Friends

Today I got the chance to go for a ride with a friend of mine from high school.  We rode together all the time when we were younger and lived near Chino Hills State Park, but after high school I went to one college and he went to another so we lost touch.  Then on "Facebook" we found that we are both riding again, so this morning we hooked up for a ride through Crystal Cove State Park.

From the trail head at Ridge Park we rode down Bommer Ridge to Fenceline and rode the single track over to Missing Link, where we took a break to check out the view, but saw nothing but fog.  Next we came down Missing link to Moro Ridge and took it back to Bommer Ridge we rode up Bommer to Old Emerald trail, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite downhills.  Then after a short break at the bottom we rode back out to Bommer and then all the way back to Ridge park.
Jeremy taking a break.

Me taking a break.

The bikes with my ghetto fabulous tailgate pad.

This was a great ride this morning, mostly because I got to share it with an old friend.  Hopefully Jeremy will be seen regularly on Surfcycles, because hopefully we will be doing a lot more riding together.

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