Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Nuun 2min h20-electrolyte enhanced drink tabs

My first impressions

The first time that I tried these tabs was about a year ago when I needed a water bottle.  The shop had a sale two Nuun water bottles and two 1 tab Nuun bottles for $5.00.  I really just bought them for the two water bottles, but I figured I would try the tabs.  The first flavor that I tried was the berry, and like most berry flavored sports drinks that I have tried it tasted horrible.  I still sucked it down and noticed that I felt much better afterwards, it seemed to me that I was recovering quicker and had more energy.  To test this I did the same ride several times alternating, on one ride I would only take water, on the next I would only take Nuun.  On the Nuun rides I felt much better than on the water rides.  In this testing process I also found that I like the lemon-lime and the orange flavors.  I am no scientist and I can not say why this works or if it will work for you, but it works for me.

The product

This product comes in 11 different flavors that can be seen by going to  The tabs are packaged in a tube that is about 4" tall and 1" in diameter with a lid that seals tight.  There are 12 tabs to a tube and one tab is 2 servings (1 serving =8oz).  So 1 tab will work for a 16oz bottle.  All you have to do is fill your bottle with water, drop in one tab and wait two minutes for it to dissolve and you are ready.  Each tube costs $5.99.  They are sugar free and have less than 8 calories.

How I use it

My bottles are 21oz bottles, I fill them up and drop in one tab of Nuun.  Because each tab is for 16oz of liquid the flavor in my 21oz bottles is not very strong, but that is how I like it. If I am on the road bike I use 2 bottles, one with water and one with Nunn and I alternate between them.  If I am out in the dirt my camel back bladder is filled with water and inside I have a 21oz bottle filled with Nunn.  I will drink the water from the camel back as I ride and I drink the Nuun at regroup or rest stops.  The company says that they are hydration pack safe and will not leave a flavor behind, but I have not tried it in the camel back yet.  I use it in my water bottles all the time and have had no residual taste issues.


I love this product and I believe that it helps me to perform better.  Would I recommend that you try it, ABSOLUTELY.  Even if you don't like it you will only be out $5.99+ tax, but I think you will not be disappointed.

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