Friday, January 3, 2014

Ryders Eyewear

Shore Goggles

About a year ago Ryders Eyewear provided me with two pairs of the Shore goggles for testing and review, unfortunately it took a while for me to get enough use out of them to give an honest opinion.  Most of my riding is done on local trails that do not require the use of a full face helmet or goggles, but this summer I was able to get several days of riding in at Mammoth Mountains bike park and at Snow Summits bike park along with some time on local downhill trails where I had ample opportunity to throw on the full face helmet.  My son who is 13 also tested a set of shore goggles to see if there was any difference with different size helmets.

 What Ryders Eyewear has to say about the Shore goggles can be seen at

I have used several other goggle brands prior to using the Ryder Shore goggles, I have used Oakley, Scott, Smith, and Dragon brands.  I liked all of these and thought that they were really good products but the ones I liked the best were the Oakley MX O-Frames.  These fit my helmet better than the others but they had a smaller field of view.  I always felt that I was riding with blinders on while wearing the Oakleys, but they did not pinch my nose or rub weirdly on my face.  They also stayed in place really well.

I did not think that the Shores would stand up to the Oakley O-Frames, until I put them on.  The Oakleys always sat a little high on my nose giving me the feeling of looking out the bottom of the lens.  The Shores have a higher nose bridge and they seemed to fit to my face perfectly.  This also made it easier to breath without the extra pressure on my nose.  The Ryders Shore goggles also have a wide field of view, I never felt that my peripheral vision was suffering any more than it would wearing my Bell full face helmet without goggles.  The Shore goggles are designed from the ground up for Mountain Biking and they are made to fit the mtb full face helmets.  These frames fit my m/l size Bell helmet like a glove and they also work perfectly on my sons small sized Bell helmet.

Most goggles I have used will fog up if the conditions are right.  Stopping in cool air with my heavy breathing the Shores fogged up, but as soon as I started to move again the Ryders vent design immediately clear the lenses.  I never had a problem with fogging up if I was moving and they never got bad enough that I had to take them off to clear them.  The vents also help to keep your face cool on hot days better than any other goggles I have used.

I had the chance of testing the durability of the Shore goggles at Snow Summit where I went over the bars at a good speed and slide down the side of the hill on my face.  My visor on my helmet broke and I was able to watch the dirt as it came over the front of my full face helmet and into my mouth, but the goggles kept it out of my eyes and they never slipped.  My eyes were the only place that dirt did not get!  The goggles also came away from the crash scratch free.

Ryders Eyewear has continually impressed me with the quality and design of their products and the Shore goggles are no exception.  They are light, durable, and comfortable.  They come in 4 different colors.   The lenses are compatible with tear away systems and they are affordable at $54.99.  I will continue to use these goggles, and if I ever need another pair the Shore goggles will be my first choice!
Jake with his Shore goggles at Mammoth Mountain
Jake rocking the Shore's in El Moro

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