Saturday, July 27, 2013

Giant Bicycles Has A New Look For 2014

In the last few years Giant has invested heavily in the 29er market with models from the entry level Revel 29er to the top of the line Anthem 29er and Trance X 29er. Giants 29er bikes have been solid performers and the Trance X 29er has become one of my favorite bikes to throw a leg over, it is fast, capable, and plain old fun to ride. The XTC 29er was another bike that really impressed me with the line up of the last few years. It is a bike I have seen ridden as an XC race bike and then the next day used to bomb down one of the more technical trails in our area. I took one out a few times and was able to climb like I never have before. So with as impressive as Giants 29er line up has been in the last few years, this year I expected to see them continuing this with the current models and adding the Trance X 27.5 and the Reign 27.5. What they actually have done is very surprising, Giant Bikes is going 27.5 for almost their entire line up for 2014. The anthem will be offered in 27.5 in both the aluminum and carbon models, the Trance X will be offered in 27.5 in aluminum and carbon, there is a new model the Trance X 27.5 SX which is a long travel version of the other Trance model, the Reign is no more (this makes me sad), the XTC will also be offered in 27.5 wheels, as well as some of the entry level models. Liv/Giant has also announced that they will only offer 27.5 wheeled bikes this year.

Check out this article for more infomation:

 Anthem X 27.5

Trance X 27.5

Trance X 27.5 SX

XTC 27.5

The offerings from LIV/Giant the Intrigue, Lust, and Obsess


  1. The 2014 Giant Reign is NOT 27.5 as you mention - It thankfully remains a 26er -

  2. Actually the Reign is gone from Giants line up. The Reign X is still around and it is a 26" wheeled 6.7" travel trail slayer. I just bought one and will have a review up soon!