Sunday, March 4, 2012

STR El Moro Family Ride-Ride Report

This morning was the El Moro Family Ride.  We put it on the STR calendar about a month ago and had seven families RSVP that they would be there and a few were on the fence.  I expected about seven adults and 10 to 12 kids, we had about 35 people maybe as many as forty, it was hard to get an accurate count with the kids moving all around.  The youngest kid was a few months old and the oldest was 15.

We met at 9:30am at the Ridge Park Rd entry.


As soon as we were all gathered I explained the route and we headed down Bommer.   I will try to point out whoever I can but with the large group I was not able to get everyones name (let me know who you are).

Jake (my son) on the left, Vincent behind, and Chandler on the right.



I can't remember your names, but that is one cool Boy Scout jersey!

Jake on the right, unknown ripper in blue, and Jakes dad Cyclotourist trying to keep up!

Sorry guys I forgot your names, but this kid rode that little BMX like a champ!!!

I believe this is Jonathan13 and his son.  This kid like to go fast!

She was working hard on this hill, I believe it was here first mountain bike ride, great job!

My daughter Ryan says, "what hill?"

She says, "C'mon dad I'm doing all the work here"

Nice Wheelie!!

Don't know his screen name.

Samusick and his boys, he pedaled this set up up most of the hills!

A little help from Dad!

Smiles on both thier faces all day!

At Fenceline the group split in two, the parents and kids who were on their own bikes headed for the single track and the parents who were towing their kids stayed on Bommer.  We had one small crash on Fenceline and ended up running into our towing group at the first fire road crossing (they made a wrong turn) so most of us who had not crossed over went up with them to Bommer.

Ryan is all business when it comes to the single tracks!

Everyone met up again at El Moro Ridge and rode out to the first camp ground, here we took a short break and regrouped be fore heading out to the Lower Moro Campground where we took another break.

If you haven't seen Samusick's set up, here it is.  Yeah, he pulls that!

"What do you want!  There's a sick drop I need to hit."

My son thinks he's a rock star with his new full face helmet!

At the second campsite we realized that we had inadvertently dropped someone and his wife could not raise him on the cell phone so Grego and I rode back to see if we could find him.  We did not find him but his wife did get a hold of him, and on the way back to rejoin the group I broke my Derailleur hanger and enjoyed a four mile walk back to the trail head.
Other than my little mishap I think that everyone had a good time and we can't wait for the next one!

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