Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hanger Repaired!!!

Last weekend on the Family ride my Derailleur hanger broke, and while I got to enjoy a long walk back to the truck, I was still disappointed because I had wanted to rip some single track with the young gentlemen we were riding with.  I was told that at the top of Missing Link the boys took off and no one saw them again until the trail head, but I digress... to day my new hanger arrived in the mail and it is now back on the bike.  I put on the hanger and derailleur, adjusted every thing and did a little wheel truing.  I am back in business!!!!
So much trouble for such a little part!!!

Ready to roll....
My advice to everyone is to buy a spare and keep it in your pack, it might save you some walking and let you enjoy the rest of your ride!

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  1. Yep, I've carried a spare for years, but I was going thru my pack about a year ago & realized my spare was for my old bike! Oops - off to the bike shop I went to get a new spare. Bro-in-law now has the old spare, since he now has the old bike!