Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ryan Rides Again

I had two kids excited to ride this morning,  this was a surprise because I thought it would be just Jake and I.  Ryan was up and when I walked by she said when are we leaving.  She was going!!!!  I loaded up the bikes while waiting for Jake to get ready and the decision was made (by Ryan) to bring her small bike.  When Jake finally decided to grace us with his presence we left. 

At the trail head it was probably 10 degrees colder than it was at our house, I suited Ryan up in my arm warmers.

Since Ryan crashed last time, she decided that she should be padded up this time.  So with Princess knee pads and Barbie elbow pads she was ready to rock.

We got to the first hill of the trail and Ryan broke down, she did not want to crash again, there were some tears and Jake even launched himself first so that she could watch.  In the end the hill was rolled, but I have fallen down hills faster than we rode it, her confidence went up a notch.  As we rode Bommer she got more and more confident until we got to Fenceline. For some reason single tracks scare her.  Jake went first and we did not see him again until we got to the monument at the top.  Ryan took it slow at first, watching me roll sections and then deciding if she would roll them or walk them, there was a lot of walking.
When we finally got to the top Jake was waiting and so was the rain, we could see it coming.  It was time to head back to the truck.  We went back down Fenceline, Ryan walked the first hill but rode almost all of the rest with much more confidence than she had on the way back.  We were not able to beat the rain and got a little wet but both kids and myself had a great time.

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