Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Morning Ride

This morning I met up with my buddy Anthony and we headed over to Crystal Cove State Park.  We had planned to do a 11 mile loop that would go from the parking lot/trail head to El Moro Canyon Rd then out to "I think I can", up this trail to Mrro Ridge then along the ridge to Missing Link then along this singletrack to Fenceline, another singletrack, to Deer Canyon Trail then this over to Mach One for the downhill,then back to El Moro Canyon Rd. 

That was the plan and I have rode this route several times and you climb from 100' to 900' with the only big climb on "I Think I Can" where you climb 600' in a little over a mile.  What actually happened was that we rode to "I Think I Can" and started up it.  As we started up I realized how hot it was (85 degrees +) and it turned in to a hike that we happened to bring our bikes on.  Having not ridden in 2 weeks has hurt my stamina more than I thought it would.  Anthony got a head of me and I got to deal with all the comments from guys riding past on their xc bikes.  I heard, "You're susposed to ride it, not push it." and," Are you alright?" and, "maybe you should take off the pads" but all I wear are knee pads?  So after our hike to the top I felt like crap and took a rest.  While resting I realized that I could not make it on the planned ride so we turned around and did our downhill on "I Think I Can", which was super fun because they have berms across the trail to divert water and they also make nice little jumps.  We rode the part of the ride we had already done in reverse and got back to the parking lot where we had a nice conversation with a guy who could not have been more wierd as he stood there in his spandex and played with his junk for 10 minutes while he told us how he had followed us down the trail and really thought we should head to the Northshore up in B.C..
 We said, "good talking to ya" and then got in the truck and cruised back down PCH to home.

Hopefully next ride I will be in better shape.

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