Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Trance X 29er.... A little more testing.

So after some significant time on the Trance X 29er I can honestly say this bike is AWESOME!  It rolls fast and can handle just about anything I have thrown it into.  The Trance climbs great with the 29" wheels, even for someone like me who does not fancy himself a climber.  When you point the bike down hill, it flies.  The big wheels roll over obstacles on the trail so easily that I forget they are there until the next time I ride my 26" bike.   I feel this bike works best if you ride the climbs and relatively flat parts of the trail in the trail mode on the fox CTD suspension and only use the climb mode on paved roads leading to the trail.  The descend mode is great on rough downhills but most of the time I have found that the bike works great in trail mode for everything.

The Positives

1.  The components on the level 1 platform are great (and only get better if you step up to the 0)
2.  The Fox CTD works well with this bike.
3.  The geometry feels good.
4.  The bike is responsive (sometimes you forget you are on a wagon wheeler)

The Negative
1.  It's a 29er so switchbacks can be interesting.
2.  The Giant Contact switch seat post develops play at the seat over time.

If you are in the market for a 29er or just a dependable trail bike, then I would recommend that you take a good look at this bike.  For most riders it will easily fit as their everyday ride.  For those who want a fast bike that can handle some serious descending, but would still like to pedal to the top then the Trance X 29er should be on your short list of bikes to be considered.

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