Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Rubber

I have been running some heavy tires for a while and I like them, but when I saw these Continental Mountain King 2.4's come into the shop I decided to try out a new set up.  I was running Kenda Kinetics with a 2.6 in the front and a 2.35 in the rear.  With the Mountain Kings I am going to try a 2.4 in front and a 2.2 in the rear.  While I haven't been able to ride with these yet I can say that these tire dropped 3 lbs from the Marauder.  When I  combine this weight loss with the weight loss from the addition of Avid Elixer 3 brakes The bike has gone from 42.3 lbs to 37.1 lbs.  If these tires hold up they will probably become a permant addition, if they don't I will go back to the Kendas.  Look forward to a full review soon!

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