Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aliso, Ryan's first time down Rock-It, Jake's debut as a Photag, and the Trance X29er. Today was a good day!

In the words of Ice Cube "Today was a good day." When I got off work and came home everyone had finished their homework. I went to the shop and the bike I wanted to ride, the Giant Trance X 29er 1, was there. Riding clothes were on, riding shoes were found and ready, helmets were by the door, hydration packs were out, and we were headed to Aliso to introduce Ryan to Rock-It. Yes, today was a good day!

 We got to Canyon Vistas park with only minor traffic and when we arrived there was only one car on the street. Everyone strapped on their helmets and packs got on the bikes and we were off. At the bottom of the asphalt hill we hit the first snag of the ride, Ryan was going way to fast and lost control. I saw a trip to the emergency room and lots of missing skin in our immediate future, but Ryan was able to save it. We got to Cholla and started to climb, Ryan has never climbed Cholla. She has only been to Aliso twice before and that was all on Coyote run. This being her first "real Aliso trip" according to Jake, coupled with the fact that I am testing several new pieces of equipment, Jake decided that he wanted to test his skill behind the camera. So armed with my crappy cannon point and shoot digital camera Jake took off ahead to set up his shots. He took this very seriously. Here are some of his shots from Cholla.
Ryan headed up!
Still going up.

The Trance X 29er climbs great.
One of the photographer.
After reaching the top of Cholla we set off for Rock-It.  We stopped at the trailhead of Lynx for the kids to have some play time.
Ryan does a little roll in.
Jake showing good form!

At Rock-It Jake once again took off to set up his shots.   Ryan and I gave him a couple of minutes the we headed down.  Jake set up in a pretty good spot but he was not ready for how fast we were moving!
This was supposed to be me, but Jake was slow on the trigger. 

But he got a great shot of Ryan!
After this we regrouped and Jake re-positioned himself for the next round of shots.  He got to the rock garden and went a little ways down it.
A little blurry, but kind of a cool picture! 

Ryan got a surprise when she hit the rock garden!
I took the rock garden faster than usual and the Trance X 29er felt great.  Ryan did well for her first time. Jake tore it up!
What rocks?
Jake was testing the new Ryders Shore Goggles, They meet with his approval!
Ryan had one little crash a little farther down the trail, but she was ok and more mad that her brother took her picture on the ground than that she fell.

Besides this crash the rest of the ride was great.  I got another test run on the Trance X29er, I also got another test of the Ryders Caliber Polarphoto sunglasses,  Jake tested the Ryders Shore goggles, and we got to have fun on our bikes.  We also rode Coyote Run out and back, then Wood Canyon to the truck.  Thanks to Ryders Eyewear who are providing me with the glasses and goggles for testing.

And a few more pictures!
She refuses to let me take her Over The Hump # plate off!
Trance X 29er

Besides taking some good pictures Jake also rode great today!

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